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New : Discover the temporary EXHIBITION of Eymeric François through our virtual visit 

Originally from Nomandie, France, designer EymericFrançois was trained by Thierry Mügler in his Paris fashion house. Independant since the early 2000s,  Eymeric François does several haute couture fashion shows in Paris and around the world every year including Eastern Europe, Japan, and Thaïland. For many years Eymeric has been accompanied by BOHIN France to create fabulous creations made of hundreds of thousands pins in brass,steel-nickeled or not. We are delighted to present you our virtual tour in this section!

DiScover our innovations

Here are the latest products of the French quality BOHIN France house, which rejuvenates its image by offering more colorful, acidulous and glamorous products.

New: the manufacture investigation

A playground in augmented reality on digital tablet for 7-12-year-old kids. 

Jeu pour enfant manufacture BOHIN
Publicité vintage BOHIN


A needle sounds harmless. However, that needle makes a difference during your stitching projects. Guided by your hand, the needle is an indispensable tool that will allow you to achieve your goal to reach perfection. We've maintained this level of perfection in our workshops since 1833 because we know that a breaking or twisting needle that doesn't slide and cuts your thread will be a waste of your time and will ultimately damage your creativity. At BOHIN, we place great emphasis on all our products to make sure they provide you with the best ease of use. Come share our ambitions, we’ll do amazing things together!

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